Motivation schmotivation

It’s true.

I am not motivated to get up and go to the gym everyday.

Some of my reasons are chemical, others are that some days, I just wake up feeling punchy.

Some mornings I look at my gym clothes and want to tell them to fuck off.

I think this is ok. I think we need to give ourselves a break sometimes. I don’t mean a break like running full force into the nearest bakery and finally buying not one but fourteen frosted cronuts….. because lets face it, that would just be silly now, wouldn’t it?

I mean a break from the Gillian Michaels bitch of a voice that tells us that if we don’t get to the gym at 7am our thighs will start to rub together and our vagina will catch fire.

That probably won’t happen.

I know from my extensive qualitative research at the gym (read: talking to the girls that are trying to work out, but too polite to tell me to rack off) that like 2 out of 5 of them have previously struggled with food/weight/exercise obsessions. (And these chicks are mad gorgeous.) WE beat ourselves up if we miss a day. God forbid we eat dessert once in a while!!

This is the inner pressure I refer to from time to time. And it’s only coming from within. Why do we allow this bullshit inner dialogue to run the show?

These are questions I don’t really have answers to, but I’m working on it.

For me, I guess I fear the voice that says if I treat myself to a rest day or a muffin, it’ll all be over. I know this to be SCIENTIFICALLY untrue but on a bad day it still gets the better of me.

Last year I started this get fit journey, and to be honest I am seriously happy with the outcome, but everything comes at a cost, which for me was that I developed a bit of an exercise obsession. This year, I am focusing on uni and my family (which means paying the children to clean the house. Do it, it’s so liberating.)

Yoga is the thing I want to get better at, because the idea of it is to make it your own journey. To practise without self judgement. To breathe.


The general gist here is that everyone needs a break. Everyone on this journey should be gentle on themselves. Balance people, balance. A day off lifting will not magically morph you into Honey boo boo’s mum…. That crap takes serious dedication to some radically unhealthy choices.

Making healthy choices and implementing balance can be as simple as drinking more water a day. It could be eating smaller portions. It could be walking instead of running on cardio day. It could be like me agreeing (with absence of duress) to try my daughters new obsession: raw beetroot and kale smoothie for breakfast…

But actually no, that’s probably not going to happen.


Here’s a guy who has figured out true balance. It’s a riot. Click here


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