Humph day.

I ventured to the Uni yoga class today.

Nothing beats lying on the floor of a basketball court, listening to the sound of dolphin music with your eyes forcefully closed due to the 27 big-round-gymnasium lights glaring down upon you – judgmentally I might add… it is as if they are thinking to themselves “why the hell are you all lying like a pod of dying whales when there are energetic basketball games to be played in my presence?!”.

It is possible I was not as focused in today’s yoga class.

I’m not saying it wasn’t a good class, it was. Plus it was free, so win.

But, you know when you just have a heavy load of garbage on your mind, and all of you wants to take the opportunity during the utter silence of the class to yell like a kid in the candy aisle who everyone pretends not to hear: “F–K it’s been a bad day!”

Instead, I just stared at my toes. My toes were not inspiring me at all today. There were some hairs. There was definitely some average looking grime. and why the hell is one toenail so much longer than the other one? I was certain that when I was mindlessly sitting at the computer picking my toenails to shreds, that I got them all… And now I’m so engrossed in the concept that my feet really are quite in need of some TLC that I have missed the next asana.

IMG_8093 IMG_8094

Why are some days just so hard to find focus?

Whether it be with food choices (“hello sugary date scone, would you happily get in my belly much?”) with the words we tell ourselves, or just the concept of letting GO of all the bullshit and stress and things we cannot control.

I guess some days all we see are our neglected feet.

At this point I tried to tell myself that I should be thanking my clever, albeit underappreciated feet. They hold me up, they take me places, and they kick the door open when I am desperately trying to get inside with 34 bags of groceries dangling off my arms (because who wants to go back to the car boot more than once).

All of this is to say that some days are just a wee bit shit.

Be nice to the person beside you, they too may have uneven toenails and a head full of seemingly unfixable conundrums.



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  1. Michelle says:

    Some days you can’t even focus on yoga in a nice warm quiet candlelit studio, on comfy carpet, in the evening when the day’s business is done. I’ve had a few classes where I either couldn’t silence my chattering budgie brain or I had so much gas rockin’ I had to keep my cheeks permanently clenched so I wouldn’t fart so hard I’d blow all the candles out.


  2. Hahaha!!! YES this is so true. At least you can rest assured knowing you are getting a hella glute workout with all that squeezing!


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