Ouch – social media and yoga dreams

I keep waking up and immediately having pains in my back and neck.

I wish I could say that this is due to the epic workouts I have been so busy with that have ensured I have no time to dedicate my words and thoughts to this blog, but unfortunately  this is not even remotely accurate.

I have fallen so hard off the gym wagon that it has rolled over me.

The said pain is due to waking up at 6.15 every morning, leaning over the side of the bed to whack my iphone that has so abusively declared that it is morning and proceeding to open and read all the notifications I have received from peeps around the world while they were awake and I was in blissful sleep. I then spend the next 5 to 10 minutes scrolling, half conscious through the various social networks that I have invested my love and time to.

It makes me cringe a little at myself. I really ought not to wake up and look through facebook. I ought to roll over and begin the day by pashing my husband.

I used to get out of bed with sore muscles from a pretty decent post leg day effort, however lately I wake to  the permanent crick in my neck from straining over the side of the bed. All for the sake of 4 cat videos and a recipe for lasagne that I will not even eat.

It kinda made me think about how obsessed I am with technology. At one point I got all emotional over one of those ‘put down your phones and actually BE present” and threw my iPhone across the bed and bought a cheap shitty phone from which I could only text and ring people.

A week. It lasted a week.

I ended up actually upgrading to an even better iPhone. It’s like trying to give up marijuana and ending up on crack.

Ok, it’s not exactly like that.

I have been busy with university assignments on health psychology (whilst gleefully neglecting the other less amazing papers) and also running my new business. The gym has been calling to me, I can sense it… but I’ve just been telling it to hang on to its jolly underpants and when I have time I will return and pick up the damn weights and build those muscles back up.

There may be some light projecting going on here.

I HAVE been practising yoga, although nowhere near as much as I would like. It’s interesting how few things I manage to be able to cram into my day. I can tell you with confidence that there is grime on my bathroom floor that I can’t even fully identify. If I look closely I think it spells out the words ‘failed housewife’ but I wouldn’t know for certain, because that would mean I had actually spent enough time looking at it to be sure.

Sometimes I sense that I should be spending more time cleaning and cooking and mothering, but I end up just choosing one of those options. Usually it’s the mothering.

To be fair my kids end up mothering me on really bad days. That just means I’ve raised them good and proper though.

My son sometimes texts me from work letting me know he does’t need a lift home, and adds my favourite postscript: “so feel free to start drinking”. He knows me so well.

As I write this blog from bed, half on facebook, half reading some papers on child-centered practice, I am thankful for the technology in my life, but I also hate it a little bit too.

My neck is throbbing…..


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  1. Michelle says:

    Due to changing our dickhead internet provider I’ve just come off 2 and a half WEEKS of no internet. No facebook, no instagram, no blog, nothing. I missed my blog and google the most – I hadn’t realised how often my damn kids need shit explained and we don’t have encyclopaedias any more. Going cold turkey was the worst! I feel better now, and I’m probably going to continue ignoring facebook, it’s been giving me the shits lately anyway. And I’ve always ignored emails. That shit is neverending.


  2. Michelle says:

    Sorry, I said ‘shit’ rather a lot in that comment…

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