Please give it up for : Beetroot – Day one.


As promised, I have neglected to write anything for a few weeks. I would apologize, but that would be pointless. I am a mother-student-wife, shit gets busy.

I decided that I would dedicate a week or two to fully exploring the happy world of veges.

I am a vegetarian and as such am painfully aware of my nutritional needs, thanks in large part to those who always feel the need to ask “but how do you get your protein!?”

Is it just me, or there other vegos out there that want to answer in a HIGHLY inappropriate fashion… along the lines of….. “from my hu….

nope, I just can’t do it. My teenagers read this blog. 

Anywho. I decided that I would post about a vege or food item for a while.

Have you logged off yet?  😉

Today, you are privileged to  hear my thoughts on: The humble beetroot.


Ok, first things first. Just because someone is vegetarian does not mean that they instantly love all veges. The beetroot and I do not have the most formidable history. Many a slice of canned beet got tossed out of a salad roll along the way; what with its staining of the perfectly sliced egg, its vinegary omnipotence  and its general burgundy arrogance..

My kids never seemed to feel this way, and would even be so bold as to ask for a can of the stuff to be added to the groceries. I would oblige (hey, they are asking for a vegetable, so….) then promptly wonder if I had merely imagined that I birthed them…

And when my oldest daughter started to blend raw beetroot and kale in a smoothie for breakfast, I would just smile politely and mask my gagging with a subtle cough..

But then this one time, at band camp…

I tried a julienned beetroot salad in a cafe. Granted there were added incentives, such as seeds, and dressing etc but it was GOOD. Like, good.

So I went to the supermarket and stood. Still and calm, eyeing the beetroot. Not canned I might add. I took a deep breath and picked one up and popped it in the trolley.

As it turns out, roast beetroot is actually rather nice. Lovely even. Who knew?!

Ignoring the initial taste of earth and texture of an eraser, it actually provides a pretty decent bite to eat. In addition to this, it is a great source of protein, powerful antioxidants and soluble fibre. As well as being high in folic acid and assisting in the absorption of calciumWell I’ll be damned.

Draw backs: Yeah, so there are a couple of things. 1) the aforementioned taste of pure dirt, (sorry “earthiness” for you hipsters out there) and 2) red or brown poo and/or wee.

Yip, nothing will quite prepare you for THAT.

All I can say is thank the Lord for fellow beet eaters that show you exactly what to google.

So to sum up, sometimes it just takes getting hold of the real thing, getting your hands dirty (and red in this case) and cooking with a new vege. Canned things are not always the best indication of a food. (shocking).

Tonight I made this :

Julienned beet, zucchini, butternut pumpkin and mushrooms with feta , basil walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

Watch this space for the next ‘featured food’ – I’ll try to be kinder.


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