The albino carrot

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As requested by my bestie (aw… bestie) tonight  I am going to feature the humble parsnip.

This weird wee vege is a brilliant winter treat. It  is related to the carrot (you don’t say) and fun fact: In Europe, parsnips were used to sweeten jams and cakes before sugar was widely available. (Mmmmm parsnip jam… hold me back …)

Incidentally the leaves can cause blistering of the skin if hands are exposed to sunlight after touching it. Gotta give credit to a vege that has vampire-esque qualities. (if only it glittered in the sunshine whilst lying in a meadow filled with fake purple flowers…..)


To be fair, it’s not the best looking vege out there. It’s no aubergine, glossy cucumber, or proud marrow (ok, I seemed to have subconsciously listed various phallic vegetables) but it IS very good for you. Super high in potassium, antioxidants and fiber, this puppy ticks all the right boxes.

I have never quite given it the same reverence that I would to say, a delicious piece of roast pumpkin (nothing compares) but it really does hold its own among the roast winter vegetables. I personally rate a good roast parsnip more favourably than a yam. (Or oca in some countries).

To briefly digress.. what is with yams? Yes they are sweet, and if slow roasted they are great, but bloody hell those things are ugly. They remind me of prepubescent grubs, looking up at me from their olive oil infused pan knowing full well I am probably going to cremate them in innocent absent-mindedness (blame my use of social media at dinner time and my optimistic attitude that if I believe it won’t burn, I have time to keep watching cat videos)

Hello, I yam happy to meet you….

Back to the power of the parsnip…

There isn’t too much to say really. They are white (paper, snow, a ghost!) (I will be delighted if you ‘get’ this friends reference). They are tasty, they are a fantastic source of nutrient filled winter goodness.

Here is a recipe to try this winter:

Pass the parsnip please! (oh, the alliteration)


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