All hail to the Kale


Ok. I know.

You are sick of hearing about kale. I am too a little bit. BUT since I am doing a feature on vegetables, I thought I should PROBABLY mention this one….

So, Kale.

It was traditionally one of those hardy plants often used for feeding animals in paddocks, but then the hipsters got to it and now we have kale on every trendy menu of every cafe that has a name like ‘Lumber & Milk’  or ‘Barley & Cloud’

(yes, I too have tried the hipster business name generator – click here for hours of beardy fun)

So why should you delve into the world of kale?

Because it is actually one of those amazing superfoods.  (Read- antioxidant rich, cancer fighting, inflammation busting goodies). A handful of this stuff is worth its weight in gold (or, like $2.50 on special). It can be kinda chewy, so you have to cook it the right way. I do not personally recommend boiling kale, unless you also add the sweat of a norwegian virgin, a pinch of unicorn breath, and the nucleus of a rainbow… then you have yourself a pretty magical potion.

Instead, I recommend baking it with a bit of olive oil and a little salt.

Some would tell you this is the recipe for kale chips (here) but I really resent the word ‘chips’. I mean seriously.. have you HAD a chip lately? Aren’t they those moresh junk food items that you buy in packets that for one reason or another are IMPOSSIBLE to stop eating once you start? Made of.. I dunno… POTATO?!

Yes. I thought so.

Baked kale is crunchy and a little bit oily (in the very best sense of the word). It’s not everyone’s go to favourite and it’s kinda hard to take to the movies, but it’s good for you and it’s (subjectively) tasty.

As mentioned in the post about beetroot  my daughter did this thing where she blended it with raw beetroot in a smoothie. Once again, this, although doable and very nutritious, is kind of a texture conundrum…It kind of makes the term smoothie a bit of an oxymoron.

So, should you add the almighty green saviour to your weekly shopping? I think so. It really has amazing benefits for your health, plus then, you can tell everyone about it and watch them wait for you to also announce that you are swapping all your shoes for brand new Toms. (or, growing a beard and a man bun).

No, it’s not all about the kale… but your quinoa will love it, and so will your body.


Article on the nutritional amazingness Kale : Here


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