Drive-in food

I feel a confession coming on.

I have a bad habit. It drives my husband insane and he bans me from indulging in it when I am with him.

I am a car-snacker.

I like to eat while I am driving. It goes against every recommendation I have for mindful eating and good food practice. So be kind as I admit to this shameful habit-I-am-trying-to-break.

I guess this might be ok if I just ate the occasional handful of nuts or apple… but I have no real food boundaries when driving. Ok ok I DO have some boundaries.  I will not eat spaghetti bolognese in the car, but I am trying to give you a longitudinal idea of how this plays out.

Things I have found acceptable to eat in the car: (a non-exhaustive list)

Sushi. Not only have I eaten it while driving, but I’ve added wasabi and ginger at a red light. Chopsticks become rather redundant…

In times of rebellion I have consumed family bags of chips on a long drive (long equals at least 15 minutes)

Toast with peanut butter. This is an overly average food to consume whilst driving. I can categorically tell you it WILL slip off the plate, onto the gear stick and quite possibly down the side of the center console Don’t worry, it’s still perfectly edible.

I once got given a bag of fejoas. I LOVE fejoas. With all my heart.

Needless to say I had finished 3/4 of the bag before I got home. What spoon?!

Yoghurt is another ill-advised car-food. I don’t think this needs too much explaining.

Why do I do this? What psychological reason is there for me to mindlessly eat and navigate a vehicle?

Maybe I feel like it doesn’t count if it’s eaten in the car, but even that excuse sounds like too much cognitive dissonance for me.

Particular times of car-munchie-vulnerability are when I have just completed the sorely mundane task of weekly shopping on an empty stomach. Rookie mistake. At times like these I will quite happily eat a bag of radishes. Just because I can.

Obviously there are little green ends all over the car floor by the time I get home, but still.

Tip: eat lunch before you go shopping.

I’m not proud of this behaviour. I have a really nice car.

My husband once cleaned it from top to bottom, and within half an hour I had gone out, visited someone, brought home a container of protein powder to sample (” no, I won’t need a lid, don’t worry, it’s just around the corner, I’ll just cram it in this wee space by the radio”)  then as I arrived up the driveway and went to remove it, my true-to-form epileptic agility had me spill its entire contents over myself, both front seats, and the dashboard.

I’ve never vacuumed so hard in my life trying to hide evidence.

There is still protein powder down the console, because lets face it, those attachments that come with vacuum cleaners are only there to fill the space in the top of the machine.

Don’t even get me started on coffee. (or soup..)

I once ate half a box of takeaway noodles (back in the days of complete nutritional defiance) and put the leftover in the lift up style console  (this was when I had a Mitsubishi Chariot, so no prodigious guilt was felt) but on this occasion I forgot it was there until two weeks later when I noticed a vaguely chicken-y smell emanating from somewhere in the car. On investigation, I discovered the takeaway noodles, preserved only by the copious amounts of MSG they were marinated in.

Oh. For. Shame.

Will I try to change? I really should. I don’t think it’s good for the digestion. Or the car. Or my marriage.

Do you have food habits you’d be brave enough to share? Icecream hidden in the bathroom? Wedges of pineapple skin in the bottom of your handbag? No? Must just be me.


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  1. Michelle says:

    I feed the kids in the backseat on our way home from school (even though I KNOW they’ll drop shit everywhere) because I can’t be bothered hearing them whine for the 10 minute trip home. Cue food on the floor, down the seats… evry time I tell myself “no more eating in the car!!” Mind you they are getting slowly better at not dropping things. (Is how I justify it to myself)

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