Ambition to Passion and Bliss into Bling

I once  decided whether to do leg day or arm day at the gym based on which body part was actually shaved. Turns out I did a leg day.

Sometimes we have anomalous reasons for deciding on the things we decide on.

How do you know what you want to do with your life, and what were the manifestations that drove these goals?

I am the tender age of 34 and I still haven’t got it figured out.

Health and wellbeing are a priority for me, but having that translate into a tangible return that can help support my family can seem like a pipe dream at times.

If you had asked me at the age of 9 what I wanted to be I would have rather boldly  articulated my quasi sagacious plans to be a hollywood actress. In my latter and more socially formative years, however, it became clear to me that my measurements were ill suited for the scrutiny of the would-be-Hollywood ideal, and I started looking for alternative career options.

Owing to the fact I was raised in a home of verbal cheerleaders, I was always encouraged to ‘follow my bliss’ so to speak. But how do you narrow down ambition and passion, and make your ‘bliss’ into ‘bling’?

Is there anyone else who goes from passion to passion like one giant super set?

Not to get bogged down in the ‘what does it all mean’ conundrum, but sometimes you just need a little perspective. In the past a good stiff drink would have perhaps accommodated me with such.

So where to from here, especially if you are aiming to lower your usage of alcohol infused clarity (somewhat of an oxymoron)

In these moments, and on reflection of my own journey I have found achievement can be measured by the small increments of success you encounter everyday. The goal posts may look different for each of us, but they are there to mark an obvious path.

Today my goal posts pointed me in the direction of a hot coffee and a beautiful friend with whom I could eat and drink with whilst talking delightful nonsense for an hour.

It’s important to have at least one utter nonsense session a week.

Little achievements (hey, at least I put pants on today) or goals realised are worth acknowledging. We are inundated with messages telling us what we should be doing, seeing and feeling, but not many promoting the permissibility of celebrating the here and now ‘yuss’ moments.

  • Wake up, say good morning to yourself; decide you will look for an opportunity to acknowledge something good
  • Give yourself mental high-fives. (No-one will know, you will still retain your smooth aesthetic).
  • Give a compliment. You never know who struggled to put on pants this morning; and make the compliment something not indicating their appearance.
  • Notice when you do something you thought you couldn’t. Write it down. Remember it.
  • Laugh. Laugh at the funny, laugh at the ironic, laugh at the dull. Find a way to laugh, those endorphins can be mighty motivating.
  • Write a plan. It need not be a 5 year essay detailing each and every step you will take to rule the world and amass your own empire, but one or two achievable things you can do. Then, get braver.

It’s not going to happen immediately. We are wired to be influenced, inspired, and imaginative. These things will come, and in the words of the wise Miguel de Cervantes:

There is a time for some things, and a time for all things; a time for great things and a time for small things…. But all in good time.

As far as passions and ambitions go, this is what I am believing for.



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