The struggle is real… and so is Netflix-Ass

Oh lordy it’s been a stressful week. Things way beyond my control keep arising and I haven’t felt this stressed out since I was accused of colluding on a 4% lab project in 3rd year psychology. (I didn’t collude).

Weeks like these make me want to climb into a hole and make friends with the mole people.

I am a control freak.

Woman in bed giving thumbs up
I’m fine… honestly.



I have tried deep breathing, gentle yoga, sparkling wine, and a whole range of other things which I won’t disturb you with.

And you what? The problems are still there. And I have no choice but to be okay with them. But F**k, I don’t enjoy it.

I think the problem is that I get so worked up over worrying about the worst possible scenario. I think of 110 ways to resolve the problem, and when I still can’t, I worry some more. Because, you know, that always works a treat.

Aside from the work dramas, my life has been relatively chill of late. The anxiety is dissipating, the brain is de-fogging, I started a new food blog (oh, go check it out btw… it’s here ) and I have been able to spend more time with my kids. All the good stuff.

And I know it’s all about perspective; it’s not the end of the world but it f**king feels like it is when I’m this stressed out.

All you need is love…. and maybe a side hug.

But moving on, because let’s face it, the whole world is stressed out.

Things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Bacon. I don’t feel that needs any qualifying.
  2. Firewood. J has been bringing home pallets from work and chopping them up all manly like, which is both enjoyable to watch, and also keeps me from turning into a frozen lump of misery when I work from home.
  3. Netflix. Despite the fact that binge-watching shows is increasing my ‘netflix-ass’ (the phenomenon wherein your ass flattens out into the shape of a chair or bed because 3 days hours is too many days hours of Netflix)
  4. The public library. Because although they continue to bar me from borrowing books that I will continue to bring back late, it’s free ya’ll.
  5. Coffee. If you even have to ask…..
  6. That voice memo microphone thing on an iPhone that will type in the word for you when you just.can’
  7. I really feel like that’s enough things to be grateful for today. Okay?

I hope your week has been going well. Superbly even. And if it’s not? Then may I suggest to you some bacon, and a cat video or 5.

Catch you on the flipside.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bacon is in and of itself pretty manly. But not returning books on time? You are the devil incarnate. Cheers, – Marty


    1. You are so right. I should know better by now 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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