A Questionable Method

On being a woman, and raising teenagers when people still think you are one.


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Morning Glory

Don't worry, I'm not oversharing. It was NOT that kind of morning. For some magical reason we all slept in a little today.  I was up late last night having heart palpitations because an interview I had given with the glorious... Continue Reading →

Fire in the hole.

Now that the helicopters have pretty much left the premises, and the smell of smoke has drifted further a field, I have decided it is acceptable to write about the time the hills caught on fire and we had to... Continue Reading →

Clean up in Aisle 3.

Apologies for the two week halt on posts.. it happens. I have considered writing a blog-a-day. Then I realised the daily immortalizing of my often non-eventful, non adventures may bore some readers to tears, so weekly-slash-fortnightly is as good as... Continue Reading →

Boys Will Be Boys

Although my posts are usually written in a humorous vein, it is near impossible to do so for this post. I hate the words "trigger warning" however this is a post about sensitive subjects: Sexual assault, the navigation of feminine body,... Continue Reading →

How to adult (and other fantasies)

All I wanted to be when I was young was a grown-up. It looked like they were having a fundamentally better time. Despite proving myself academically in my latter years, high school and I never had much of a romantic... Continue Reading →

At least I packed the booze: A family Holiday.

I know. I shouldn't complain. Complaining will make me sound like a giant asshole. But, this is day three and I have nearly run out of bourbon, so. We are on holiday. In New Zealand, this is the last set... Continue Reading →

My Cup Over-Flowth

I burned a pair of undies today. Like a Sophie Ellis-Bextor song, it was  murder on the dance floor. If the floor was actually the crotch of a Victoria's  Secret, Union-Jack-emblazoned thong.  Heartbreaking. I must say, still getting your period at... Continue Reading →

Oh… those guys.

After reading a very amusing blog by this guy:  who describes with hilarity the various people that he has come to loathe in the working world, I was inspired to write my own version of this, based on the genres of... Continue Reading →

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