A Questionable Method

On being a woman, and raising teenagers when people still think you are one.


Humorous Posts (Okay, it’s subjective)

Easter, Eavesdropping, and the end of Extroversion.

Ah crap, I already screwed up my resolution to post once a week. Now you can see why things like "will learn to run 5km without death" and "try to answer the phone without fear" end up as nice ideas... Continue Reading →

Morning Glory

Don't worry, I'm not oversharing. It was NOT that kind of morning. For some magical reason we all slept in a little today.  I was up late last night having heart palpitations because an interview I had given with the glorious... Continue Reading →

Come here and let me smell you.

Today I am walking around the house slightly overwhelmed by the plethora of intermixed smells. I decided it would be advantageous to burn an incense stick stolen from my daughter's room, in the hallway downstairs. This downstairs floor (which also... Continue Reading →

Fire in the hole.

Now that the helicopters have pretty much left the premises, and the smell of smoke has drifted further a field, I have decided it is acceptable to write about the time the hills caught on fire and we had to... Continue Reading →

Wax on Wax off.

Content warning - (P.S How much do the words 'content warning' make you want to read a post even more) OK, so this post contains words such as vagina, vulva, and feminism. If any of those words offend you, consider... Continue Reading →

Two girls walk into a pub 

I am committing sleep hygiene crime here. I'm writing this post on my phone, lying on my side, illuminated only by the auto brightness setting. I should've just had the warm milk... I may as well write this post in... Continue Reading →

Silent night.

I usually write a post about Christmas at this time. It's usually not really about the joy and the gratitude, but rather the stress and the hostility. But I'm not going to do that this year. This year is going... Continue Reading →

Clean up in Aisle 3.

Apologies for the two week halt on posts.. it happens. I have considered writing a blog-a-day. Then I realised the daily immortalizing of my often non-eventful, non adventures may bore some readers to tears, so weekly-slash-fortnightly is as good as... Continue Reading →

I’ll pass on the Orange Shake thanks.

Holy mother of all things orange and raging. This has been the worst week since that time I won the  Canterbury Regional Athletic Sports for High Jump (first letters capitalised because that's how exciting it was when I was 11), then... Continue Reading →

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