A Questionable Method

On being a woman, and raising teenagers when people still think you are one.


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Oh The Redundancy

This may be the most boring post on this blog. I mean, even the title makes you want to skip ahead. Next please. But if by some kindness, or affinity for my ramblings, you are still reading, Cheers. The part... Continue Reading →

Review of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide – (now that my arm is moving again).

In the world of health and fitness (and social media) you'd have to have been hiding under a rock not to have come across Kayla Isines and her rockin body, crazy ass, groupie toting, burpee commanding, sweating, heaving......ahem... workouts. I... Continue Reading →

Eating Disorders. Because there is no good way to title this.

Writers note / Content warning: As you are aware, I usually try to keep this blog fairly light and easy. But just today I'd like to share a piece that is close to my heart, and there kind of isn't... Continue Reading →

Ambition to Passion and Bliss into Bling

I once  decided whether to do leg day or arm day at the gym based on which body part was actually shaved. Turns out I did a leg day. Sometimes we have anomalous reasons for deciding on the things we... Continue Reading →

Botox and Big Macs.. please do not exceed 180 mins..

I was walking through one of the main Christchurch malls the other day, somewhat mindlessly, searching for an item I probably didn’t need, when I passed the large pharmacy in the middle. Right at the front doors was a huge... Continue Reading →

Locker room observations

Today I went to the gym. After doing my thing for an hour or so I decided it was time to go. So off to the changing rooms I staggered (leg day). Whilst mindlessly drying myself off I made some... Continue Reading →

My Cup Over-Flowth

I burned a pair of undies today. Like a Sophie Ellis-Bextor song, it was  murder on the dance floor. If the floor was actually the crotch of a Victoria's  Secret, Union-Jack-emblazoned thong.  Heartbreaking. I must say, still getting your period at... Continue Reading →

Humph day.

I ventured to the Uni yoga class today. Nothing beats lying on the floor of a basketball court, listening to the sound of dolphin music with your eyes forcefully closed due to the 27 big-round-gymnasium lights glaring down upon you... Continue Reading →

Oh… those guys.

After reading a very amusing blog by this guy:  who describes with hilarity the various people that he has come to loathe in the working world, I was inspired to write my own version of this, based on the genres of... Continue Reading →

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