A Questionable Method

On being a woman, and raising teenagers when people still think you are one.

I’ll pass on the Orange Shake thanks.

Holy mother of all things orange and raging. This has been the worst week since that time I won the  Canterbury Regional Athletic Sports for High Jump (first letters capitalised because that's how exciting it was when I was 11), then... Continue Reading →

99 bottles of beer on the wall….

One evening after dinner, but before all the kids were down for the night, James and I had a beer. Okay, a bourbon and coke. Okay two. We sat there, and smiled at each other. James looked at his drink,... Continue Reading →

No really, I’m totally qualified..

Well that was a Debbie Downer. Let's be honest though, I knew it would say this. I'm pretty sure I've talked about impostor syndrome in an earlier post but I can't be bothered doing that thing where I look through... Continue Reading →

Boys Will Be Boys

Although my posts are usually written in a humorous vein, it is near impossible to do so for this post. I hate the words "trigger warning" however this is a post about sensitive subjects: Sexual assault, the navigation of feminine body,... Continue Reading →

How to adult (and other fantasies)

All I wanted to be when I was young was a grown-up. It looked like they were having a fundamentally better time. Despite proving myself academically in my latter years, high school and I never had much of a romantic... Continue Reading →

Dirty Expectations.

I imagine it was probably 1988. We were about 7 or 8 at the time. There was a movie that played on television, and all the kids were talking about it. Ok, the girls were. Ok, one of them was.... Continue Reading →

At least I packed the booze: A family Holiday.

I know. I shouldn't complain. Complaining will make me sound like a giant asshole. But, this is day three and I have nearly run out of bourbon, so. We are on holiday. In New Zealand, this is the last set... Continue Reading →

The Orange Shirt of Adulthood.

I have a pretty good arse. It's okay to say it. And, if that sentence makes you uncomfortable, here is a picture of a puppy. You can just stare at that while I keep writing. As a teenager (like, the... Continue Reading →

Oh The Redundancy

This may be the most boring post on this blog. I mean, even the title makes you want to skip ahead. Next please. But if by some kindness, or affinity for my ramblings, you are still reading, Cheers. The part... Continue Reading →

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