I’m the short blonde one. These are my kids in 2015. It was Christmas day, this is the best we could do on short caffeine supplies.

Welcome to A Questionable Method. A satirical, slightly irreverent page devoted to real health and well being, parenting teens, mental health, and the odd 90’s movie reference.

I love the written word. It’s a pretty powerful force. Well, it can be. It really depends on who’s holding the pen (or whacking the keyboard.) My intentions for this blog were always benevolent – I wanted to wade through the bullshit out there on the web; and give my perspective from a real-person point of view. I hoped that would be helpful.

But then I figured that’s equally as arrogant. Who says I have the answers?

So here I am, having done the research (sometimes) and ready to give an honest opinion (always) and these are my thoughts as words.

Here’s hoping you will find encouragement, or at least have a laugh- even if it’s at my expense.

Meg x


Cover Pictures Credit: Moon Bacon